"Our hope was to find a way that we could support police officers throughout the greater Cincinnati and Hamilton area."


Our Valor program is near and dear to our hearts. When we began our program we decided early on that we would seek to serve and give back to our community. Our way of giving back was fulfilled thru our Valor Program. Our hope was to find a way that we could support police officers throughout the greater Cincinnati and Hamilton area.

We launched our Valor Program as one of very first programs using our therapy horses. We have partnered with the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Ross Township Police Departments to help them foster positive community relationships and communication. We felt the horses could be a very positive bridge between the officers and the community.

We have developed a fun, low stress environment that encourages children and adults to ask questions and talk about the horses and also with the police officer that attends each event with us. The results have been tremendous, we are very proud of our program and to be partnering with local police departments.

We have found a number of ways to engage with or community too. You will find us at parades, local events and some special programs as well. We participate in National Night Out, the Police Memorial Parade, Safety Town and a variety of other public events. We also have launched a new program called VALOR V.I.P. a program focused on creating good character in our youth. Research proves that the long-term solution to combat bullying is to focus on character development, this program is a joint effort with our community to help put an end to bullying. 

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Safety Town

Safety Town is a summer program offered by the Hamilton Police Department that teaches young children various safety rules. After an afternoon in the sun learning traffic rules, we make a surprise visit to talk about how horses work with the police department. The children are delighted to get to meet the horses and spend time getting to pet them.



A very special program whose goal is to end bullying by building good character in our local schools. We partner with schools, law enforcement officers, and local businesses to present our program.