Create Your Own Miniature Therapy Horse Program!

Whether you already have a program or are hoping to start one; this is the place for you! We’ve been there… having really cute horses and wanting to set up the best program. We called many different organizations, but no one was willing to answer our questions, so we decided to pave the way for miniature therapy horse groups. One of our main goals in setting up our nonprofit organization was to help others create successful programs and share the knowledge we have learned over the years.


The link below directs you to the personal site of Lisa Moad, founder of Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses and owner of Seven Oaks Farm. If you would like to purchase Miniature Therapy Horses 101 - 103, this link will take you there. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all. We look forward to hearing all about your own therapy horse programs and working hand-in-hand with you.