Upcoming Seminars

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Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses is dedicated to teaching others and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We are excited to announce that we will be offering several seminars to those of you who are interested in gaining a better understanding and learn about working with therapy horses and gaining handling skills for animal assisted therapy. In an effort to accommodate more people we are offering classes at our farm and other off site locations.



Intensive Seminar

The Intensive Seminars are held at off site locations around the US.  This year we have a class scheduled to be hosted by So Cal Mini Sanctuary in Hemet, CA. February of 20. The cost for these seminars is $350, that includes detailed classroom instruction and hours of training and demonstration by Lisa Moad, Founder of Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses. The cost also includes your study guide, all our reference materials, hours of lecture, and hands on training. You will see horse training techniques and safe handling practices, plus you will be able to meet others who share your interest and passion for therapy work.


Immersion Seminars


The Immersion Seminars held only at our farm in Hamilton, Ohio allow us to use our well trained therapy horses and our very experienced handlers as part of the course. The cost for these seminars is $500 that includes hours of hands on training and participation in an actual visit.  The classes will be small so that each participant gets plenty of personal attention and the ability to practice what you have learned. The Immersion Seminar classes are first come, first serve and limited to 6 participants. This allows you to work with our horses and experienced handlers from Seven Oaks Farm for all the hands on portion. While you are here with us we will do an actual visit, you will be able to experience first hand what its like with our trained handlers by your side. You will walk thru all the steps necessary for preparing the horses for a visit, going on a therapy visit and a post visit evaluation. Our desire is for you to get a full experience in animal assisted therapy and gain as much experience as you can. 

Both of these seminars, the "Intensive" and "Immersion" will contain all the same great training information. The Immersion Seminars held at our farm allow us to give the participants more hands on opportunity. You will be pleased with either course. To learn more about our courses, the dates and places please click on the "Register" button below. Each link has more information and highlights of the course