Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses
is dedicated to teaching others and sharing years of knowledge and expertise. We are excited to announce that we will be offering several seminars to those of you who are interested in gaining a better understanding and learning more about working with miniature therapy horses.

Online Training

The Online Seminars are the first step in learning about miniature therapy horse work. The introductory price for this seminar is $350 until November 1, 2018; after that, the cost for this seminar is $500. The online seminar is catered for participants around the world. This includes:

  • one student guide (either an e-version or paper copy); over 100 pages of information that coincides with the lectures,

  • access to over 12 hours of lectures and additional “how to” videos provided by Lisa Moad that cover all aspects of setting up a program,

  • participation in our exclusive, private Facebook group with live videos and downloadable documents,

  • full access to Lisa Moad and her staff at Seven Oaks Farm to answer any questions you may have.

Online Seminar presented by Lisa Moad
350.00 500.00

On sale until November 1st, 2018.

We’d like to thank you for your interest in our online miniature therapy horse seminar presented by Lisa Moad, owner of Seven Oaks Farm and founder of Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses. We are thrilled that you are interested in the field of therapy using your horses in animal assisted activities. The online seminar caters to people from around the world who want to dive into the world of miniature therapy horses. This series can be watched at your own pace as you are able. You also have 24/7 access to Lisa and her team to help further your journey and help understand the material.

 After you pay in full for the seminar you will receive

One Copy of the student guide/book

An email that contains your password to access all the recorded lectures and document.

Membership to our exclusive and private seminar page on Facebook

You have 24/7 access to Lisa and her team should you have any questions

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Student Guide covers …..

Section 1 Who We Are
 Section 2 What Makes Us Different & Health Management
 Section 3 Choosing the Right Horse & List of Breeders
 Section 4 Lisa’s Training Philosophy
Section 5 Horse Training . . .
 Section 6 Groundwork . . .
 Section 7 Bathing & Grooming . . . 
Section 8 Trainers vs. Handlers . . . Handler Registration . . .
 Section 9 Biosecurity . . .
 Section 10 Volunteering . . .
 Section 11 Volunteer Paperwork . . . Ohio Equine Law . . . 
Section 12 Release Forms . . . Insurance . . .
 Section 13 Materials List . . .
 Section 14 Visit Procedures . . . 
Section 15 Visit Health Concerns . . .
Section 16 Sample Letters . . . 
Section 17 Horse Registration . . . Record Keeping . . .
Sample Logs . . .
 Section 18 Creating a 501(c)(3) . . . 


 Last day of classes

Last day of classes

Train With Us!

Would you love to train at our farm, with our experienced team by your side? Would you like to handle a trained therapy horse on a visit with one of our handlers at your side? Would you like to listen to lectures designed to answer all your questions and concerns?

Now you can be a part of an experience of a lifetime, our seminars allow you to experience first hand the world of miniature therapy horses with well-trained therapy horses and very experienced handlers.

 Training with steps

Training with steps

This includes all the Online Training Seminar Course:

  • your booklet (an e-version before the seminar, and a paper version given when you arrive at the farm); over 100 pages of information that coincides with the lectures,

  • access to over 12 hours of lectures provided by Lisa Moad that cover all aspects of setting up a program,

  • participation in our exclusive Facebook group with live videos and downloadable documents,

  • full access to Lisa Moad and her staff at Seven Oaks Farm to answer any questions you may have.

  • PLUS one full day of personalized in depth lectures presented by Lisa and her staff

  • PLUS: handling our horses with our staff by your side

  • PLUS: learning to prepare your horse for a visit

  • PLUS: lunch and discussion with our staff

  • PLUS: training one on one of our horses

  • PLUS: receive a free copy of our newly released DVD, Miniature Therapy Horses 101

    Classes are held once a month during the summer, they are first come, first serve and limited to 6 participants. The classes are small so that each participant gets plenty of personal attention and the ability to work with our horses and experienced handlers from Seven Oaks Farm for all the hands-on portion. Experience first hand how to handle a horse with our trained handlers by your side. You will walk thru all the steps necessary for preparing the horses for a visit, being the handler while doing a visit and also run thru many types of training. Our desire is for you to get a full experience in animal assisted therapy and gain as much experience as you can.

Friday we begin in at 9:30 am with extensive lectures covering all aspects of miniature therapy horses. You'll be able to meet our staff and others who are also interested in work with therapy horses. We provide lunch at our farm and conclude at 4:30 with a tour of our facility and an introduction to our horses.

Saturday we will meet at the farm at 9:30am and dive right into handling. The first part of the day is spent on showing you how we train our horses for therapy work. we focus on lead work, obstacle course and handling methods. Later, we will pack up the horses for a visit to our downtown area where you will also be able to be the handler while you work with our horses thru various scenarios. Our experienced handlers will be by your side to help you thru the process. Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for the day and all will conclude around 4:30pm. 
Registration for the Immersion Seminars are available below. These classes are very exclusive and only held 4 times per year, each class is limited to 6 participants so that you can receive the personal attention and one on one experience you deserve.

This two day class, with student guide, lectures, one on one training and DVD series is truly a seminar course that you will only find at Seven Oaks Farm. We are very proud and committed to our efforts to train others in miniature therapy horses. The cost for all this $1000. We feel you will leave having a firm understanding of what it takes emotionally, physically and financially to put together a first class program. We also know you will leave with a wealth of information that will take your current program to the next level. If you are interested in this opportunity please sign up below to register. There is no obligation to commit. We will take your information and give you dates of upcoming classes as they become available so you can be the first to register for our classes next year in June, July, September and October of 2019.

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“Enjoyed training and learning from Lisa at Seven Oaks Farm . Her extensive experience and willingness to share her knowledge is invaluable to my organization. “
— Jodi
If you have any interest in mini horse therapy, go out of your way to attend this outstanding seminar! Lisa Moad is a goldmine of knowledge and experience! She is practical, down-to-earth, open to all questions, generous of spirit in sharing everything she knows and has learned, and her passion is inspiring and contagious. I left the seminar confident about ways to improve what my minis and I are doing, and know if I run into an issue, Lisa will be available for guidance. Thank you, Lisa!”
— Rene
“I am on information overload. The presentation was paced perfectly, Lisa and Shelby I left adequate time for questions. The presentation was respectful of other methods and programs which added to the integrity of their program.”
— Debi