The Results are in!


We have been asking the schools we visit to let us have feedback on our program, "Just Say Whoa to Bullying" We are fortunate to have received feed back from several schools. We are grateful for their comments because it allows us to make adjustment and present the best program possible. we are thrilled that the comments have been so favorable for the content of the program and the presentation format as well. 

"I greatly appreciate that the "Just Say Whoa to Bullying" program covers material already in the third grade health curriculum. It is great for the kids to hear about bullying from a different source outside of the school. Allowing them to discuss this issue from different perspectives gives them a chance to practice the skills in different manners and understand the importance of the topic. I also loved that Seven Oaks Farms used the ponies to help gain the students attention and connected them to the program. I would love for the Say Whoa to Bullying program to return next school year."

"Linden thought that this program was wonderful. Both teacher and students shared how much they enjoyed this presentation. Thank you for all your efforts in bringing this program to us."

"I think the program is great for our students.  I though what was discussed was beneficial and age appropriate."

All this is made possible because of the donations made by you. Your donations allow us to take care of the horses physical needs as well as keep them in specialized training. We have some of the best, most experienced trainers and handlers here in our program. Your donations keeps our program top notch and allows us to have a program that we are very proud of. We thank you for your donations and hope you can see the benefits to our communities your dollars provide. We have been able to bring our anti-bullying message to hundreds of children in our area. You have made it possible to bring a change to these children and make a real difference.


On the Mend

I am glad to report that most of the horses are doing well and are almost fully recuperated from their illness. A few are still being treated but will recover nicely as well. This has not been an easy disease to deal with, there is lots of quarantine procedures to follow. We want to protect our horses and we certainly want to contain this to our farm only. We are being very careful to wash all items and disinfect everything we can.

It also means we have voluntarily closed our farm to all visits for the month of January. We hope you understand our over protectiveness but our horses health is very important to us and so is the rest of the equine community. We hope to resume normal visiting hours and have volunteers back on their normal schedules as well.

We certainly appreciate your understanding and all you support for the horses. I am sure within a few weeks all the horses will right back to their old selves, running, playing, and bring joy to so many.

Denver, Duke and Dallas all say thank you for your get well wishes.

Denver, Duke and Dallas all say thank you for your get well wishes.