"God Bless Texas"

3 words to describe our adventures in Texas.  

Scenic - Diverse - Joyful

Our trip through the heart of Texas was one of the most beautiful sights we have seen. The winding roads and gorgeous rock walls were the perfect scenery for a drive cross-country.

We have encountered very friendly and welcoming people, whose generosity and friendliness has brought joy and smiles to us during opportune moments. 

We've all shared many laughs during this trip across the beautiful state of Texas. We can definitely see why "Everything is Bigger in Texas". While driving here is much different than in Ohio, Interstates have access roads instead of on and off ramps and the speed limit reaches 80 on two lane highways. Each adventure brings a smile and something to remember.

Now that we've stopped in New Mexico, we're excited to bringmore joy to children in Ronald McDonald House of El Paso & soon deliver some Christmas Cheer to soldiers and military members at Ft. Bliss - stay tuned... 

Ronald McDonald House of Nashville

On Friday we were able to stop at the Ronald McDonald House of Nashville. It was a very special moment for our team. We brought get well cards, Christmas cards and a few other fun things for the kids that were donated by several of our sponsors and elementary schools back in Cincinnati.

It was such a touching moment to see the joy on theses kids faces as they got to see, pet and experience two of our little horses.

We look forward to many more visits and smiles during our travels.  Next stop Silverhill, Alabama!