Interested in Miniature Therapy Horses?

Whew! How is it already July?

We have been very busy (and hot!) making visits, training, and spending time with the horses. As always, we get so many requests that we cannot always fill them. So, back in 2017 we took some time to regroup… {plus, Kate had her baby boy!} All of the staff agreed that we would focus on partnering with and equipping other therapy groups to continue our mission of Serving Others, Bringing Joy, Offering Hope.


Fast forward two years and we can’t believe how fast time has gone by! The stories we have, the smiles we have shared, it all makes these visits so meaningful. “Kids” of all ages enjoyed spending time with the minis and we have been blessed to witness that. True to our mission, multiple therapy groups have grown significantly because of the detailed and comprehensive training we have provided and (for some) horses that have been gifted to their blossoming programs.

3 ways to take a Miniature Therapy Horses Seminar:

  • Miniature Therapy Horses 101: A DVD series created for those interested in getting an overview of the world of Miniature Horse Therapy. Included is a 6-DVD set with coinciding booklet. These are available on the website listed below for $65.

  • Miniature Therapy Horses 102: 100% online course with over 12 hours of lecture on specific topics with a very detailed 100+ page booklet. Available world-wide, with an option for either an e-booklet or paper copy (for $25 more). The online seminar is available for purchase thru the website for $350, or you can request a payment plan thru PayPal.

  • Miniature Therapy Horses 103: A culmination of therapy horse training! Join us at Seven Oaks Farm for a hands-on seminar focused on training tips and handling techniques. Treat yourself to an all-inclusive weekend at our farm, or a getaway from 9-4:30 Friday and Saturday. Please send us an email if you are interested in this seminar.

(For more detail, Check out Seven Oaks Farm’s


We are here for you! We know the struggles of starting your own miniature therapy horse program - and we have created a training series that helps each and every person whether you are just starting out or have been around horses since the moment you could breathe.

Our goal is to equip all who are interested in therapy with miniature horses with the same standard of excellence in the field of Miniature Horse Therapy.