Lives Change.

“See ya’ Later, Love You!”

You know that feeling of sending your kids off to college? Each time is never easier than the first. My horses hold a very special place in my heart. Sending three of our favorite horses to start a program in Harrison, Ohio this weekend was very exciting - but difficult.

Our Mission

It is our goal as trainers of therapy horses to build a relationship with these horses. The process of training a horse for therapy is a full-time job. In order to keep our horses trained for what we do, they need constant, consistent work. We spend hundreds of hours with these 4-legged creatures getting them comfortable in all types of situations. They come in our home, ride in the van with us, and we even spend our “off-time” in the lot watching them eat. TRUST is most important. We develop a love and understanding with all of our horses and that bond cannot be broken.

After years of training, visits, adventure and lots of laughter; our path has shifted. We are now focusing on equipping others in the world of miniature therapy horses to start their own world-class program. Many of the attendants at Lisa Moad’s seminars have been driven to start programs and have everything they need - except the horses. So, we decided to gift some of our best therapy horses to budding programs across the United States. We want to help others to spread as much joy as we have.


Welcome to Harrison, Ohio!



“Buck” & “Tuck” will be the founding members of a therapy program created by Christine Jonas and her daughter, Katie. Chris has such a passion for helping others, and she immediately fell in love with the idea of using miniature therapy horses to assist others. Her daughter, Katie has a history with horses and is excited to work with these two cuties. Both Katie and Chris fell in love with Tuck when they visited, and Buck wanted to follow them everywhere! These boys will be an excellent start to their future program.



While these two ladies were at the farm, they couldn’t take their eyes off of Bo. (But honestly, who can 😉!) His gorgeous mane & tail and loving personality really makes him quite an amazing boy. They were hooked. Bo will continue his training with them, living a life of luxury. The decision to sell Bo was a very difficult one. We have loved this boy with all our heart during his years at the farm, but we know these ladies will do amazing things with him.

There are tears EVERY TIME we send horses off to their new programs and homes. This is never easy, but it is our way of giving back even more than we already have been able to do. Change is inevitable, and we have been blessed to see the difference we have made over the years. Now, we focus on training others to continue the mission of: When Compassion Meets Action; Lives Change. We have a passion for serving others, and our ministry will continue on with the groups we have been able to gift these amazing therapy horses to.

Serving Others. Bringing Joy. Offering Hope.