Bittersweet Love

Today we sent three of our country western stars across the country to Utah & Oregon. Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett, and Dolly Parton.

Saying "goodbye" to animals after long hours of training is always a sad day. We have so much love for the animals we work with - sometimes they are considered closer than blood related relatives! (Shhh! 😅) We learn a lot not only about the horse we are working with, but inevitably we learn something about ourselves as well. These three have made a resounding impact on us that we are sure to cherish for years.

Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

Alan & Jimmy are headed to an experienced equestrian in Utah. They will be welcomed with a grand party upon their arrival + the continuation of training to be therapy horses. We are so happy these two are going to Colleen, and can't wait to see where her program goes. 

Dolly Parton

Dolly will be joining an esteemed program in Oregon; Elderberry Lane. She will join therapy horses and donkeys alike to lift spirits of children in the area. Dolly will also continue her therapy training with Joni creating a lasting bond between them.


Both Colleen & Joni have taken some form of Lisa's Miniature Therapy Horse Seminars and both ladies have a fond love of all kinds of animals. We are sad to see these three leave the farm, but very excited for this opportunity to continue doing what they do best.  

Serving Others. Bringing Joy. Offering Hope. 

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