Thank You!


We are thankful to all the students who have participated in our seminars this year. What an amazing year! We have been able to see people with a passion for horses and people find ways to serve their communities. It is a joy to give people the information they need to be confident in their program, their training and fulfill their dreams of using a miniature horse in therapy work. We also love the diversity of programs we are seeing our students put together and create. Some will be focusing on elderly care, some are hoping to help children with specials needs, one wants to reach out to recovering addicts while another programs want to help children combat bullying. Our numbers are multiplying and we are able to bring hope, joy and compassion to even more people. As we close this year’s season we are looking forward to see what next year will bring. We have a new DVD to offer and we also will continue to add to our online seminar. We are very pleased to announce that we will offer a new training program that will offer students two full days at our farm to study and practice what they learn. We have lots to look forward to in 2019!