An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Do you have a love for horses? Do you have a passion for serving your community? Do you think about taking that cute little horse you own/saw on the internet for sale to bring joy to people in your area?


If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, we may have the perfect opportunity for you. Sign up for an Intensive or Immersion Seminar. We will discuss everything you need to know if you want to start your own miniature therapy horse program.

What exactly will we cover?

We’ll start with choosing if becoming a nonprofit is best for you. Then move into how to choose and evaluate your horse. Next we’ll talk through volunteers, trainers & handlers in your program. Later on, you’ll hear us talk through some studies and techniques to train your horses. And of course, we’ll cover the A-Z of making a therapy horse visit. We’ll give you information about things you haven’t even thought of yet, and answer some questions you can’t find answers to. 

 What are the dates and timeline?

Intensive Seminar dates: February 23-25 in Hemet, CA {just a few spots left!} September TBD in Crane, MO. Other locations and dates TBD. 

Immersion Seminar dates: April 27-29 {one spot left}, June 1-3, August 3-5, October 5-7.

A general timeline:

  • Friday night begins around 5pm with a quick meet and greet and lectures until around 8pm.

  • Saturday begins around 9am and ends around 5pm. The Intensive Seminars will be lecture for the majority of the day and some hands on training. The Immersion Seminars will be shadowing a visit.

  • Sunday begins around 10am and ends around 2pm. The Intensive Seminars will focus more on hands on training and another question and answer session. The Immersion Seminar will go over questions from the previous day’s visit and cover lecture material.

  • Lunch will be provided Saturday and Sunday at both seminars.


Why are there two price points? 

Intensive Seminars are held at a location anywhere in the US capable of holding 10-15 people for lectures with miniature horses we can use for demonstration. These seminars are $350 and include study material, paperwork to take home, and some hands-on scenario training.

Immersion Seminars are held only at our farm in Hamilton, Ohio. These seminars are limited to 6 people to allow for one-on-one interaction between participants and our highly trained handlers. Included in this seminar, you will shadow a visit with our well trained therapy horses and handlers. You will follow us for preparation, during the visit, and post evaluation. These seminars at $500 and include study material, paperwork to take home, and one-on-one interactions with our highly trained handlers to observe and ask any questions you may have.

 Should I bring my own horses?

There’s no need. The facilities we are presenting the seminar have many different horses to choose from, and we will use these horses for demonstrations. Please just bring yourselves for these seminars, once you secure your spot we’ll send you all the information you need.


 I’m interested! What should I do next? 

Now you have two options: register on our website for the seminar of your choice, or email us! We can set up an invoice if you would like to make payments. There is a $100 nonrefundable deposit necessary to hold your place in the seminar, final payment is due 30 days before the event. No refunds will be issued up to 30 days before the event.

We truly believe you will enjoy these seminars as well as walk away with all the information you need to start your own miniature therapy horse program. We will give valuable insight and help spread the ministry of spreading joy with mini horses. Hope you can join us! 

Serving Others. Bringing Joy. Offering Hope.