Kindness Matters

Periodically families will contact us to request a private visit for their loved one while in hospice care. We try our best to work with the family, the care center and every involved to make the visit happen. The visits are both full of happiness and deep sorrow. During these visits we try to make sure that the person we are visiting and the family has special memories of our time with them. We want the families to have those special moments of people smiling, taking pictures, talking, laughing etc. The sadness comes when you realize that the person you are visiting has to face the end of their life very soon. For many, their body has been ravaged by a disease but not always the mind. For some, the effects of their disease has turned them into someone "that they don't even recognize". On hospice visit we try to see the patients as they see themselves. Most want you to know that they are brothers, sisters, moms and dads. They are poets, artist, animal lovers, teachers, doctors, lawyers. Most of all they are not the disease they have. We take time to listen to their stories, enjoy the moment and smile at the joy that is happening at the moment. It is one of most difficult visits we do but also the most humbling of visits we are asked to do. We are humbled that we are able to bring our tiny horses in to a situation and make a difference in the life of a family having to deal with disease and death. It is truly miraculous to watch these four legged creatures touch lives to "serve others, bring joy and offer hope".