Inside the Visit


This is National Anti-Bullying Month which is why we have been concentrating on bringing "Just Say WHOA to Bullying" to schools in our area. We will have presented our program to a couple thousand 3rd grade students in our local schools here in Hamilton and Cincinnati. The program was originally developed by Shelly Mizrahi as a response to a young girl who was being bullied. We have taken the program and adapted it to use in third grade classrooms. 


The 45 minute programs begins by introducing the Officers from the various police departments that help with the presentation. We are thankful to the Hamilton, Ross and Cincinnati Police Departments for partnering with us to present a portion of the information. The Officers cover the 4 types of bullying and many of the legal aspects of each. The program, with help from the our therapy horses, also emphasizes the importance of excepting differences in each other and showing respect for one another. Each of the students are also given a number of things they can do to keep themselves safe and how they can also help their classmates. The program ends with a short pledge and then the students are given a time to meet the horses. 

The response to the program has been very positive from both the teachers and students. The students enjoy the interaction with the police officer during the presentation. They offer suggestions on how to help each other and the importance of being kind. Students and teacher alike enjoy meeting the horses and learning about how special these horses are.