"Creating a bit of joy and bringing smiles to the faces of those they meet."


Our Lift Program is the first of its kind in US airports. We bring our much loved therapy horses to stressed travelers to create a winning combination. About every two weeks we bring our pint sized horses to CVG to provide the travelers there a chance to unwind, decompress and enjoy spending time with our horses.

The horses are trained to deal with the all the sights and sounds of a busy airport full of passengers. The horses greet people as they are coming on and off flights to help combat some of the stresses associated with flying. They also help create a bit of joy and bring smiles to the faces of those they meet, both young and old. You can find the therapy horses at the airport about twice a month.

“They bring smiles and seeing the faces of people never gets old”
— Wendy Orlando - Sr. Manager, Customer Experience

When we started this program we didn't realize how much attention, success and joy it would bring to others. The amount of media from all different platforms that it has received has been overwhelmingly positive. 

From Ireland to local radio spots, our program has been shared with hundreds of thousands of people. We are proud of the success and will continue to provide a way to reduce stress and welcome those who are visiting the tri-state area.