"We noticed that visitors, young and old, were drawn to our animals and especially the little horses."

Lisa Moad, the Founder and President of Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses, combined her love of horses with her desire to serve her local community and began a therapy program using miniature horses.

The very first horses, Tess, Lily, and Lucky, were used at the farm during annual farm day programs and also when people would come to visit. We noticed that visitors, young and old, were drawn to the animals and especially the miniature horses. Many people showed a natural curiosity about these special little animals. People wanted to be around them, pet them and many expressed how relaxing it was just to watch them. 

These moments led to the idea of letting more people have access to the horses by taking them out to make visits. The connection between people and horses was very obvious. Lisa took a few miniature horses out in the community and to special events and saw the positive effect the little horses had on those they met. She enlisted the help of family, friends and volunteers and began to expand the program, transforming it into the current variety of services offered by Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses.

Today our team of horses and handlers visit nursing homes, serve at hospices, work with local police and fire departments and assist with a variety of programs in schools and universities. Our horses are also used in reducing stress in travelers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and can be seen at family and kids events with the Cincinnati Reds. The idea of spreading a little hope, love and joy to our community all began with one big dream and three little horses.

Lisa Moad - President