One of our goals when starting our therapy program was to develop a training and registration program for miniature therapy horses that is accepted nationally. We are excited to announce our new certification program for both miniature therapy horses and their handlers! Using the materials from The Lisa Moad Methodology (Miniature Therapy Horses 101 and 102) we have created our dream of a nationally recognized certification and registration program.

Miniature Therapy Horse Handler Certifications


Please watch this video for 103 class requirements


Miniature Therapy Horses 103

Introducing: a handler certification program! This series is available entirely ONLINE, with over 12 hours of detailed lectures with a plethora of how-to videos and additional reading matierals. You will receive a 100+ bound student guide and an additional booklet training series in the mail. The student guide includes sections that coincide page by page with the online videos, as well as guide you thru all the questions you may have. BONUS: Registration for one (1) miniature therapy horse is included with the cost of this seminar; additional horse registration will be $75 per horse. (More information about this soon!)

To receive your handler certification, you will have to: a) watch 20+ hours of lecture over the section; b) complete a quiz after each lecture video; c) watch any additional videos to reinforce the materials; d) submit video clips of handling and training; e) complete quizzes in an additional training series over specialized human resources and healthcare; f) provide a clean FBI background check and; g) complete a final exam. After sending in the completed quizzes, background check and passing the final exam; expect an e-version of your Miniature Therapy Horse Handler Certification.


Miniature Therapy Horses 104

This handler certification program is catered towards the hands-on learner. You must complete either Miniature Therapy Horses 102 or 103 before signing up for this course. Our 1-day immersive seminar is available at various locations across the United States. 2020 confirmed locations are: Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, and Southern California. We are still looking for 2020 locations for: Northeast Coast, Northern California, and Florida. This entirely hands-on seminar is to enhance everything you learned in 101, 102 and 103 to give you a full understanding of training and handling miniature therapy horses. Horses will be provided by the host farm.

Miniature Therapy Horses 104 is a 1-day Saturday course from 9:00am - 5:00pm. The class size is limited to 10 participants; the small class size caters to an individualized experience to make the most of this seminar for you. Lunch will be provided and after a full day of handling and training with our staff, you will complete a final exam. The exams will be graded and upon passing the exam, expect an e-version of your Advanced Miniature Therapy Horse Handler Certification.

The cost of this seminar is $100.

Not ready for certification, yet?

No problem! If you are just starting in your adventure of miniature horse therapy and would just like the information, please visit Lisa’s website to purchase Miniature Therapy Horses 101 (the DVD series) or Miniature Therapy Horses 102 (the online series).

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