Our Friends program highlights the interactions between our little horses and friends of all ages. Our program serves the needs of many people  in retirement communities and assisted living centers.  We use our therapy horses to bring joy and comfort to retirement communities, nursing homes and care facilities. These visits last about 1 & 1/2 hour each and are planned based on the needs of the residents in that home. We make group visits and also individual visits in each room. We are honored to visit over 60 facilities in the greater Cincinnati area, each with a special story.  Our "Friends" program is the heart of what we do, "serve others, bring joy and offer hope" The residents we meet are a delight to visit with, we enjoy our time together and try to make new friends everywhere we go. We really love all the stories we hear from those we visit and learn about their past history with horses. It is not uncommon to hear stories about farming and memories of a time gone by. We also learn about many beloved horses and other pets. Each person we meet has their own story and we are glad to hear every story we are told. 



We love making all the visits we do with our horses, it is a joy to us as well.



Group meetings are very common at most of our visits, they allow us to visit many residents this way. Residents enjoy the company of fellow visitors and being able to meet the horses. Lots of conversation are started and lots of smiles are created.




When a resident is unable to make it to one of our group visits, we bring our horses to them. We have trained our horses to be comfortable and calm in any type a setting. They enjoy all the attention and loving they receive.


"Each time they come, we all love them more, because we’ve gotten to know the handlers now,” Siemer said. Unlike some guests, the handlers never check their watches, she said: “They will, no matter how long, go to the bedside of somebody.”

Karen Seimer, Activities Director Covenant Village