Enter the World of Miniature Therapy Horses!

Whether you already have a program or are hoping to start one; this is the place for you! We’ve been there… having really cute horses and wanting to set up a world-class standard of excellence therapy program. We contacted many different organizations, but no one was willing to answer our questions; so we decided to pave the way for miniature therapy horse groups. One of our main goals in setting up our nonprofit organization was to develop and create a successful training program that is nationally recognized.


Please watch this video

Miniature Therapy Horses 101 to 104.


Miniature Therapy Horses 101 and 102 are offered through the site of Lisa Moad. Please follow the link above if those seminar are what you would like to explore first. Otherwise, click the “Handler Certification” tab for Miniature Therapy Horses 103 and 104.